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" During this pandemic and as a Health Care Aid, it was very comforting to know that we are all being looked after. The set-up (at Family Ford) is fantastic, everyone is keeping their distance, hand sanitizer in place and I noticed that my car was disinfected when anyone went into it. Since I couldn't go anywhere, I appreciated the fast and as usual efficient service!! "

- Edith

"As we are under the covid-19 restrictions, the staff in the service department were excellent. Every precaution was taken to protect us as customers. I have great admiration for the staff staying on the job. A big thank you. "


Here at Family Ford, we believe in building lasting relationships with you, our guest. On this page we would like to share some examples of that, relayed by the wonderful, dedicated staff in our service department.

"We heard a guest was sick and in hospital so we picked up their vehicle and treated them to a mini detail. While it was in the wash bay, Brad (our lot leader) noticed that the vehicle was due for a maintenance. We took it into the shop and gave it a free service before delivering it back to the guest."

"A lovely couple (new to the island) came in with a loud noise emitting from the front brake on their Fusion Energi. While the repair was not covered under warranty, we took care of it free of charge."

"An elderly couple that we have known for years, ended up in the hospital one right after the other. So we picked up their vehicle for a service and returned it to them with a fruit basket and a couple of get well soon cards!"

"A very interesting guest brought in her transit van for servicing (which she had beautifully transformed into a home on wheels!) on her way to South America. We made sure her van was road trip ready and sent her off with a $100 gas card for the journey."

"We recently hid 20 Tim Hortons gift cards in random vehicles in for service!"

"One of our guests has been travelling back and forth to Victoria for cancer treatments. We picked up her vehicle, serviced it and delivered it back to her along with a gas card."

"A senior couple walked to our shop from shoppers drug mart in the cold to buy a new battery. We gave them a ride back to their car and installed their new battery free of charge."

"Our lot crew spotted a disabled woman on the road with her walker in deep snow. They ran out to clear a path for her to get to her destination. "

"A senior guest of Family Ford was unable to get his license renewed so we serviced and sold his car for him!"

"We delivered a 12 passenger van (that was in for brake replacement) along with flowers and a card, to a lady with 8 children who was having a tough day."

"A guest gave birth to a baby girl while her vehicle was in for service! So we delivered her vehicle back full of pink newborn goodies."

"A long time guest of Family Ford was in the hospital with a concussion. We serviced his Escape free of charge and sent him a get well card."